About us

From a modest location in Alblasserdam to a flourishing Rotterdam company with many satisfied customers.

Jaquet & de Groot Cleaning companies B.V. saw the light of day on April 21, 1994 and since then established its name as an organization that provides cleaning services to hotels at a good price.

Immediately after the founding, a number of clients joined Jaquet & de Groot, mainly because of the name recognition and good reputation of the founder of Jaquet & de Groot who had built up many contacts in the market. Thanks to this enthusiasm, Jaquet & de Groot could convincingly shoot out of the starting blocks.

Now Jaquet & de Groot is an organization in which punctuality and quality are important issues of daily work. The quality is partly achieved by a flat organizational structure, but often also by solid and motivated staff who carry out the actual work. We ensure that every employee receives the right training to carry out his or her activities as expected.

Not only do we check the quality of our cleaning ourselves, we also perform VSR quality measurements twice a year by an external organization in order to guarantee the quality.

Of course Jaquet & de Groot is ISO 9001:2008 certified.