Your entrance is your business card, your rooms are your signboard and offering optimal comfort the basis of your service. This way you do what you are good at, just like we do what Jaquet and De Groot is good at: cleaning and keeping clean.

We ensure that guests can use clean facilities every day, the rooms are completely cleaned and your entrance remains your business card. We can take care of the complete cleaning of your hotel, so that you can continue to do what you are good at and we will continue to ensure that everything looks clean and well-kept.

Of course you are also at the right address for specialist floor maintenance and window cleaning.

We now offer the cleaning of hotels for many years to the satisfaction of our customers. We therefore see a conversation with you with all confidence.

Our Service

The client can flexibly fill in the service with his own wishes. The services can include: room maintenance, housekeeping management, cleaning public areas, minibar replenishment, linen care, checking cleaned rooms.